Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lockdown Mode Feature

Rich Finn recently wrote a blogpost about the the ViewFormPages-LockDown feature. In this he mentioned that a lot of public-facing internet sites running on SharePoint haven't activated that particular feature. The funny thing is that Rich refers to the result-set from Live Search, which is returning 29,200 results! For more information read Rich's post and also the following article.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Word Document Preview

I occupied myself with building a quite simple Word document preview functionality in SharePoint. In some situations it might be handy to take a peek in the content of a Word document (read: DOCX document) before opening, editing, ... In most cases, styles and images used in the document doesn't matter - we just want to recognize our previously written document by reading some text content.


To accomplish this functionality I made use of Eugene Pankov's DocxToText class available at codeproject (modified it a bit) and used the open-source ZIP library SharpZipLib. Maybe I'll take the time to rewrite this functionality with the System.IO.Packaging namespace in the near future.


I know, the solution isn't 100% complete and not tested extensively. The errorhandling isn't optimal and the functionality is limited yet (sort documents by name, paging is enabled, display x content blocks) ... but feel free to modify to your needs. Download the solution.


Custom Action on every document library


Custom application page


Content appears when you hover over the document name (standard 5 alineas)


When 5 alineas isn't enough ... change the textbox value