Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reporting Services: RSViewerPage

The main file used for displaying reports is the RSViewerPage.aspx. This page contains a breadcrumb and a webpart called ReportViewerWebPart. This webpart renders a toolbar, the report and a parameters pane.

Hide buttons from the toolbar

I saw a couple of articles of people who disable some toolbar buttons by diving into the ConfigurationInfo table of the Reporting Services Database. This method will work for a few buttons, but not for all of them. I discovered that you don’t need to adjust that database table at all. You can use the ToolBarItemsDisplayMode property of the ReportViewer WebPart. This property allows you to hide/show specific parts of the ReportViewer’s toolbar. Be aware, this property is an enumeration field.

For example: ToolBarItemsDisplayMode=’223’ will hide:

  • Open with Report Builder (Action Menu)
  • Subscribe (Action Menu)
  • Atom icon





Why 223? You have to make the sum of the values of the parts you want to include in the toolbar. The values are shown in the reference table below:


You can set the property by adding the property in the RSViewerPage.aspx like

<RSWP:ReportViewerWebPart id="m_sqlRsWebPart" runat="server" SuppressWebPartChrome="true" Height="100%" ToolBarItemsDisplayMode="223" Width="100%" />


You can pass the property as a querystring rv:ToolBarItemsDisplayMode=”223”

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