Thursday, July 30, 2009

How To: Extend Telerik RadEditor FlashManager with FLV Player

As you maybe know, the full-featured version of the Telerik RadEditor is able to use flash objects (.SWF files). Customers like this feature, especially in a WCM environment. However, some customers feel the need to play .FLV files into the RadEditor. Since this isn’t supported by Telerik, we have to build it ourself.

Below I’ll guide you through the steps necessary to extend the FlashManager Dialog.



Download (buy) the full featured-version of Telerik RadEditor (at the moment of writing the latest version is 5.5)

I noticed that the HTML field control strips out OBJECT tags. For this reason, place the Telerik RadEditor on top of a NOTE field.

Download and upload a FLV player into your SharePoint environment ( Style Library, Layouts folder, …). You can download the player here.

Extend the Telerik RadEditor

Once you are done with the preparation you can start with the real work…

Extend the configfile.xml with the following properties:


Download the Telerik AJAX RadControls sourcecode (I think this is only possible if you have a developer license). There you’ll find a usercontrol, named FlashManager.ascx. Copy this file into the /_layouts/[ProjectName]/RadEditor/EditorDialogs/ folder. Note: This path is equal to the ExternalDialogsPath value available in the configfile.

Open the FlashManager.ascx and search for the _getParams method. In this method you can write all your FLV magic. The code below is just a snippet.


Now we are able to select, set parameters and place a FLV player into our editor.



If you find any difficulties with the implementation of a FLV player… feel free to make a comment or contact the Telerik RadEditor Team.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some cool stuff in InfoPath 2010!

Looks like we will use InfoPath 2010 a bit more in our daily SharePoint development... Using it, you now can customize SharePoint list forms by modifying the layout, create views, adding validation, etc...

In InfoPath 2010, we’ve made some big investments to make it much easier to build rich forms-based applications on top of the SharePoint Server 2010 platform.

For more info read - What's new in InfoPath 2010?