Friday, December 7, 2007

Google Maps and MOSS integration

It is possible to create a Google Map Webpart within MOSS. It looks very simple... you just have to use a Content Editor Webpart and some lines of HTML code. Someone who has already tested it?

Take a look at the HowTo: Create Google Map WebPart


Fernando Hunth said...

This is a sample of a customized Sharepoint page so as to get data from a Sharepoint Contact List and show it on Google Maps.

jlr said...

The link is broken... can you point me to the new site? Integrating Google Maps with my Contact List is what I'm trying to do.... Thanks. John

W0ut said...

If your are using SharePoint 2010, you can also manage your Google Maps code in a document library and point the Content Editor towards this document.

I wrote a tutorial