Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Configure anonymous access (Office SharePoint Server)

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sanjaya said...

this is really helpful and saved lot of time.


Anonymous said...

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Al said...

hi there,

Setting up an anonymous access in Sharepoint 2010 is not as easy as in Sharepoint 2007 (WSS3). Frankly speaking, I am struggling to have my initial Sharepoint 2010 site runs properly.

Luckily, the staffs at asphostcentral.com are helpful to sort out my problems.

In conclusion, if you guys have been using former Sharepoint 2007 for quite sometime, be prepared for a BIG change to Sharepoint 2010. The customisation and configuration is not as easy as you think, but once you can figure it out, you will find heaps of new and exciting features inside.

Hope this helps