Saturday, November 22, 2008

WCM: Publishing Site Definition

Creating a new publishing website typically begins by creating a new publishing site collection based on your custom publishing site definition. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to create a custom one because you can also start with the OOTB Publishing Portal Site Definition and then remove the parts that are superfluous. It is quite obvious that this method is not ideal. Starting off with the Blank Site Definition and activating the publishing features is a better option because then you have a quite clean environment to start with.

Probably the best option is to create a Publishing Site Definition from scratch. This way, you "almost" have full control of the provisioning process. Below a few examples which elements you can specify:
  • The welcome page url and the appropriate (custom) pagelayout
  • Automatically activate masterpage, styles, ... features
  • Available web templates
  • Automatically activate the ViewFormPagesLockDown feature - A special feature that restrict access for anonymous users to published content only
  • Alternate CSS url
  • And so on...
In one of my next posts I'll show you how to set a welcome page with your own pagelayout with a custom content type (specified in your publishing site definition).

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