Thursday, February 26, 2009

No searchresults for content available in welcome pages

I wrote a custom multilingual searchwebpart which uses the FullTextSqlQuery class to execute a search query. The webpart is used in a WCM scenario and his task was to find all publishing pages related with the given keyword.

After a while I noticed something weird... the webpart could find all keywords available in various fieldcontrols except for those content available in welcome pages.

After some research, it seems to be a SP bug. Thank goodness, MS has already released a hotfix package for this.

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cheekyviv said...


I am facing similar issPsue. I have a custom scope with rule for URL set to "Pages folder". The problem is that the welcome page is not returned in search results although they contain the keyword. The hotfix will not install and gives error - "The expected version of the product was not found". Please help. I have MOSS 2007 SP3 installee